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3 Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Expense is one of the most common reasons that people avoid taking steps to be more green. In today’s economic climate, it’s understandable that you may not be eager to learn more about protecting the environment if you think it … Continue reading

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Good News: Going Green is Good Business

It seems like there hasn’t been much good economic news to discuss in recent years, but some businesses are finding ways to survive. In fact, some industries are thriving by adapting to the changing social and economic climate. The good … Continue reading

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Save the Water, Ditch the Water Bottle

Every month we feature one product at the top of our Green Boat Stuff website. This month, we’re highlighting a 1 liter aluminum water bottle. What do water bottles have to do with being green? Let’s look at the numbers: … Continue reading

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Why Should You Use Green Sunscreen?

Whether you’re spending a day on the boat or staying on land, wearing sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors is a must. Wearing sunscreen regularly can help prevent skin cancer and keeps your skin looking younger for longer. But wait! Before you … Continue reading

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3 Simple Tips For Green Boat Cleaning

Boat cleaning and maintenance have the potential to be some of the most environmentally damaging aspects of boating. Harsh chemicals that end up in water damage delicate ecosystems and can even pollute drinking water. Practicing green boat cleaning and maintenance … Continue reading

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Beware Of Green Buzzwords

As the damage that has been done to our oceans and water sources becomes more apparent, many of us are more concerned with protecting the environment we enjoy.  In order to do our part, we make an effort to buy … Continue reading

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4 Simple Tips For A Green Holiday

December seems to be a time for mass consumption and, sadly, lots of very ungreen waste.  From wrapping paper to unnecessary toys and the old thingsthat get tossed to make room for new things, the environment can really take a … Continue reading

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