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4 Places to Learn More about Green Boating

Being a green boater means learning how to enjoy your hobby without damaging the water in which you do it, but it also means educating yourself about what’s good and bad for the environment and why. The more you know … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids Green Boating

If the environment is important to you, chances are you’ve already thought about what state it will be in for the next generation. But have you also considered how the next generation will care for it? Conservation and respect for … Continue reading

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Reminder: Practice Green Boating on Memorial Day Weekend

For many of us, Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of our summer. The kids are out of the school, the temperature is a little warmer than it was a month ago, and you finally have the perfect excuse to … Continue reading

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Save the Water, Ditch the Water Bottle

Every month we feature one product at the top of our Green Boat Stuff website. This month, we’re highlighting a 1 liter aluminum water bottle. What do water bottles have to do with being green? Let’s look at the numbers: … Continue reading

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Getting Your Boat Ready for the Water

While some parts of the country actually had snow this week, it is officially spring. Hopefully that means boaters all over will soon be able to get back in the water. As you’re pulling your boat out of winter storage … Continue reading

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