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How to Prepare your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricane Irene may be old news, but hurricane season is far from over in the United States. Is your boat protected from severe storms? Use this checklist to reduce the risk of damage to your boat in the event of … Continue reading

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What Green Boaters Should Know About Tar Sands

Beginning August 20th, more than 1,000 people began to converge on the White House in Washington, D.C. to protest potential legislation that would authorize construction of a 1,600-mile long pipeline between Canadian tar sands pits and United States oil refineries. … Continue reading

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4 Places to Learn More about Green Boating

Being a green boater means learning how to enjoy your hobby without damaging the water in which you do it, but it also means educating yourself about what’s good and bad for the environment and why. The more you know … Continue reading

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3 Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Expense is one of the most common reasons that people avoid taking steps to be more green. In today’s economic climate, it’s understandable that you may not be eager to learn more about protecting the environment if you think it … Continue reading

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Why Are Stainless Steel Dishes Good for the Environment? sells a variety of products designed to make boating a greener hobby. As you would expect, there are green painting supplies, wind and solar power equipment, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products for sale. But you’ll also find a several other … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids Green Boating

If the environment is important to you, chances are you’ve already thought about what state it will be in for the next generation. But have you also considered how the next generation will care for it? Conservation and respect for … Continue reading

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U.S. Air Force Bringing Solar Power to 2,000 Homes

As individuals work to green up their own lives, it’s encouraging to know that the United States government is taking steps to do the same – albeit at a slower rate than most households. The Department of Defense is aiming … Continue reading

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Is the water safe for boating?

Earlier this week, officials in Oregon announced that the presence of a toxic blue-green algae in the waters of the Willow Creek Reservoir, a popular spot in Eastern Oregon for fishing and water sports. Although some alerts say boating is … Continue reading

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3 Green Boat Stuff Every Boater Needs

When you think about green boating, there’s a good chance you think about alternate energy sources and preventing fuel spills in the water. That’s great! But there are many other little ways you can be gentle to the environment when … Continue reading

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5 Summer Boating Safety Tips

It’s officially warm enough that boaters all over the country can start enjoying time on the water again. That means making memories and having fun, but it also means it’s a good time to remember how to keep everyone safe … Continue reading

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