How to Prepare your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricane Irene may be old news, but hurricane season is far from over in the United States. Is your boat protected from severe storms? Use this checklist to reduce the risk of damage to your boat in the event of a hurricane.

How to Protect Your Boat from a Hurricane

Know your responsibilities at your marina. Read your dock contract to find any specific steps you might be required to take in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Limit your boat’s¬†windage, the surface area exposed to the wind. Remove rigging, canvas, and deck gear and turn your bow toward the¬†greatest exposure.

Take the boat out of the water. The safest place for a boat is far away from a storm. This is especially important for smaller boats, open boats and boats with low a freeboard that can be easily sunk by surges and waves.

Find a hurricane hole. If you can’t get your boat completely out of the water, consider securing your boat in a local canal or river.

Get off the boat. Even if you have secured your boat in a hurricane hole, it is not safe to be on board during a storm. Secure the boat and then take cover, remembering that even expensive property can be replaced or repaired while human life cannot.

For more information on securing a boat during a hurricane, checkout this guide from Boat U.S.

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