4 Places to Learn More about Green Boating

Being a green boater means learning how to enjoy your hobby without damaging the water in which you do it, but it also means educating yourself about what’s good and bad for the environment and why. The more you know about green boating, the easier it will be for you to make wise consumer choices and to develop earth-friendly boating habits. But where can you go to learn more about green boating? Start with these great resources.

4 Places to Learn More about Green Boating

Discover Boating - this website offers a wealth of information about boating in general, including a great deal of data about green boating.

United States Environmental Protection Agency - the EPA is a great resource for learning more about the environment and how you can work to protect it in all areas of your life. They offer specific guidelines for green boating and preventing boating pollution.

California’s Clean Boating Program – while this site is focused on helping California boaters be more green, the information is valuable for people all over the country (and world) who have an interest in maintaining the environmental health of the waters in which they play.

Your state conservation office – whether it’s called the DNR, exchange office, or conservation department, there is a department in your local and state government responsible for maintaining the area’s natural resources. These agencies are the best source for up to date information about regional concerns and regulations.

Of course, we also provide green boating tips right here every week! :-)

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