Why Are Stainless Steel Dishes Good for the Environment?

GreenBoatStuff.com sells a variety of products designed to make boating a greener hobby. As you would expect, there are green painting supplies, wind and solar power equipment, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products for sale. But you’ll also find a several other categories of items, including stainless steel dishes for sale in the “green galley gear” section.

What do stainless steel dishes have to do with the environment?

Whether used in a house, on a boat, or in a tent during a weekend camping trip, every man-made product you touch came from somewhere and something. This includes the plates, bowls, and cups you use.

Stainless steel, unlike plastic that is often used for “travel” dishes, is not made from an oil byproduct. It’s also easy to extremely durable, reducing the need for it to be replaced in the immediate future. When a stainless steel product does need to be replaced, the original product can easily be melted down and reused again.

When it comes to dishes, consumers should also keep in mind that these household products come in direct contact with food that will be ingested into the body. Although we can’t see it, trace amounts of chemicals from plastic and other materials are believed to seep into food and water contained by the dish. In other words, you’re eating tiny petroleum particles. Ew!

Another reason to choose stainless steel dishes: no harsh chemicals required for cleaning! Stainless steel can be cleaned, disinfected, and shined up with little more than baking soda, vinegar, or olive oil.

The next time you’re making a new purchase, considering choosing stainless steel if you’re trying to be green.

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