Teaching Kids Green Boating

If the environment is important to you, chances are you’ve already thought about what state it will be in for the next generation. But have you also considered how the next generation will care for it? Conservation and respect for plants and wildlife are values that need to be passed on to children if our own efforts are going to have a long-term impact. Here are a few ways to teach kids about green boating and environmental consciousness.

Tips for Teaching Kids about Green Boating

1. Talk trash. When your family hits the water, make sure everyone knows about your no-littering policy. But don’t stop there; take the time to talk about why keeping your trash out of the water is important. Many people have the misconception that only items that won’t naturally decompose need to be disposed of properly, but when you’re on the water it’s just as important that you don’t leave behind biodegradable materials that don’t belong in that ecosystem.

2. Get to know your neighbors. Take a field guide and binoculars out with you for the day and challenge your kids to identify different species of animals and plants both in the water and around it. A child who is more aware of the life that lives in the water is more likely to take steps to protect it.

3. Visit a new watering hole. An important part of green boating is preventing the spread of invasive species from one waterway to another. Take the boat out to different spots and get the kids involved in helping you with preparations, including giving the hull a good scrubbing! In addition to learning firsthand about how to prevent relocating species from one environment to another, seeing a variety of ecosystems and waterways helps children understand the concept of environmental diversity.

Want more information about sharing the Great Outdoors with kids? Check out one of our favorite Facebook pages, Babes in the Woods.

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