U.S. Air Force Bringing Solar Power to 2,000 Homes

As individuals work to green up their own lives, it’s encouraging to know that the United States government is taking steps to do the same – albeit at a slower rate than most households. The Department of Defense is aiming to have 25 percent of its energy needs met by renewable energy sources by the year 2025. Although that’s more than a decade into the future, progress is being made in the present.

The U.S. Navy has been working on biofuel solutions for its various boats, and the U.S. Air Force recently announced plans to add solar power to Hickam Communities at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The Hawaiian community operated by Lend Lease will have solar panels installed by SolarCity on 600 rooftops. The electricity generated by those panels is expected to provide enough for energy for as many as 2,000 homes on the base. The installation is expected to take about two years and will result in one of the largest solar powered communities in the U.S. The project will also generate 55 new green jobs in the area, although these jobs are considered short-term.

Are you ready to bring solar power to your home or boat?

Portable solar power systems allow the average person to make the switch to solar power on small mobile homes and vessels for a relatively small investment.

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