Getting Your Boat Ready for the Water

While some parts of the country actually had snow this week, it is officially spring. Hopefully that means boaters all over will soon be able to get back in the water. As you’re pulling your boat out of winter storage and getting ready for your first splash of the season, keep these green boating tips in mind.

Green Boating Tips to Get Ready for Spring

  1. Schedule a tune-up with a mechanic you trust and with whom you feel comfortable discussing green maintenance practices. A tune-up is good for finding (and fixing) any leaks or dysfunctional parts.
  2. Scrape off all debris from the boat, trailer tires, propeller, and anchors before entering water for the first time.
  3. Stock up on chemical-free sunscreen. Most sunscreens have an expiration date and should be replaced each year for maximum protection.
  4. Be prepared for spills and accidents by having absorbing bilge pads and oil pads on board.
  5. Switch to a green lubricant to prevent corrosion without damaging the environment.
  6. Know where you can safely pump out and discard mechanical or electrical parts, cleaning agents, paints, and hazardous wastes. Contact a local green marina or state conservation office to locate the facilities nearest you.

After a long winter, many boaters are eager to finally get outside and enjoy the sun and water again. Just a few steps of precaution beforehand can ensure you have a great – and green – boating season!

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