Green Inspiration

Green Inspiration

Make no mistake, being green is gaining ground.

New stories are emerging every day about concerned citizens who have had enough of the way things used to be and are demanding changes.

Awareness is rising, inspired by everyday people doing extraordinary things to point out the serious environmental challenges our Planet faces.

We were recently introduced to a dedicated young woman who is literally going the extra mile to help address one of the growing problems of our time – access to safe drinking water.

This December, Katie Spotz is embarking on the adventure of a lifetime – a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean.

The 2,500 mile journey will begin in Senegal, West Africa and finish in French Guiana, South America.

After 70-100 days at sea, Katie will become the youngest person and the first American ever to row an ocean solo from mainland to mainland. 

Katie has partnered with the Blue Planet Run Foundation, whose mission is to help the billion people around the world in need of life’s basic necessities.

We applaud everyone who does their part to help make things better out there, but Katie’s story goes so far above and beyond what most people do that we felt compelled to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Spending a Saturday afternoon cleaning up a local beach is a great way to contribute, but rowing across an Ocean is in a class all by itself.

We encourage everyone to take a look at Katie’s website, and consider making a donation to support her journey.

At greenboatstuff we are honored to know that some of our products will be accompanying Katie on her voyage, hopefully making her adventure a little more comfortable.

While we believe any support of an environmental cause is a good thing, there is something special about knowing that, in an indirect way, you are actually in the same boat with someone as inspiring as Katie Spotz.

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